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From Humble Beginnings...

America’s Incredible Pizza Company was still a dream when the devoted couple, Rick and Cheryl Barsness, opened their first pizza restaurant in the 1970’s. Rick, a high school hockey star, seemed to have everything he needed in his life. He had a great company, a beautiful wife, an amazing family – but the lack of his father’s presence had left him with a great longing in his heart, a longing to give other children an experience he never had himself. His father’s absence fostered the grand idea of starting a wholesome institution where family and friends could get together for great food, games and amazing fun.

His life’s goal was to give loving families everything that he missed in his childhood, to give families a place to be together and lose themselves in a carefree world of pure fun. Through hard work, enormous dedication and an emphatic dream, America’s Incredible Pizza Company was born.

Headquartered in beautiful Springfield, Missouri, Rick and Cheryl have opened 9 fabulous locations across the Midwest and Mexico. Based on the universal Christian principles of family values, America’s Incredible Pizza Company has been voted as the #1 Family Entertainment Center in the world, twice! Come visit one of our 9 locations today.

IPC Mission Statement

Americas Incredible Pizza Company exists to bring families and friends together through great food and fun. We work hard in a spirit of cooperation and fun with a passion for all we do. We operate our business by Christian principles, delivering a positive family experience and a fair return to our company.


IPC Vision Statements

  • Families and friends come together at America’s Incredible Pizza Company for incredible experiences and fun memories, bringing them back again and again.
  • We are actively involved with children providing a positive influence in their lives.
  • Who we hire is the most important decision we make.
  • We promote a strong, fun work ethic, encouraging the development of good moral character and values.
  • We provide a fun environment for training, developing, recognizing and rewarding our employees with the goal of promoting from within.
  • We maintain our reputation as the industry leader with unique and innovative ideas for bringing families together through great food, fun, family and friends.


IPC Community


The Incredible Pizza Company Foundation helps make a difference in our communities. One of our most recent program is our Incredible Kids program. Incredible Kids is a great way to teach your children about the challenge of world hunger by helping children in need.